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    Alliant Power Fuel System Contamination Kit for Ford 6.4L

    Cross references:0 445 010 859, 0 445 218 029, 0 445 218 031, 0445010859, 0445118028, 0445118058, 0445218029, 0445218031, LC3Z9A337A, LC3Z-9A337-A, LC3Z9A337B, LC3Z-9A337-B, LC3Z9A543A, LC3Z-9A543-A, LC3Z9B246A, LC3Z-9B246-A, LC3Z9B246B, LC3Z-9B246-B, LC3Z9D280C, LC3Z-9D280-C, LC3Z9H529A, LC3Z-9H529-A, LC3Z9H529B, LC3Z-9H529-B, LC3Z9N103A, LC3Z-9N103-A

    Features and Benefits:

    • Two Year, Unlimited Miles Warranty
    • 100% Genuine OE or OE equivalent and validated component
    • Each fuel system component is 100% end of line tested at 15 different points to ensure zero leaks and peak performance
    • One convenient kit that includes all of the necessary components to do a fuel system replacement


    Cores must be returned in 45 days in order to collect full core credit. For more information about the core/return policy, please click here.

    Warranty: Twelve (12) months. Check our Warranty policy

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